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Please write a fanfic about both dreams

lol my writing isnt that good lol

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omfg your dreams sound like pure fanfic



English Cream Dachshund 




this is the best thing ever 



your fuckin horoscope


Aries - Selfish Prick

Taurus - Stubborn Asshole

Gemini - Annoying Attention-Whore

Cancer - Moody Jerk

Leo - Egotistical Douchebag

Virgo - Neurotic Bitch

Libra - Flaky Derelict

Scorpio - Obsessive Twat

Sagittarius - Awkward Fucktard

Capricorn -Greedy Emo

Aquarius - Perverted Psychopath

Pisces - Whiny Bimbo



Dream 1:
Ok so apparently I was some singer right. Then I got up in a hospital room and I was like o.o. Then I felt someone holding my hand and I looked at him and it was Sehun and he put on the most beautiful smile ever and was like “You finally got up.” Then I was awkward as usual and was like “haha… yeah I did…” and then he chuckled and then I blushed and hid my face because he was adorable and it was killing me and then i looked up and avoided his eyes and was like “Sooooo… why am I in a hospital room now?” Then he was like, “Apparently you had a fever but it went down so don’t worry.” and I was like “Oh.” Then he was like, “I asked you earlier if you were ok and you said you were fine.” and I suddenly got nervous and was like, “But I was” Then leaned in and our foreheads touched -idk how to describe this really- he was like, “What did I tell you about lying to me?” and I was like “PSH I didn’t lie.” and he raised his brow and was like, “Really?” And I was like, “…Yeahhhhh.” And then he was like “You really didn’t feel sick at all?” and he started to kiss me and went down to my neck and shit I widened my eyes and was like, “FINE FINE FINE I felt a little sick ok” and then he stopped and brought his hand up to my cheek and start caressing it and was like, “A little? You fainted.” and I looked into is eyes and I pouted and was like, “I’m sorry ok…….” and then he pecked me on the lips and was like “You better be” and then I was blushy and shit. Then Sehun kissed me again but it turned into some hardcore making out. Then this bitch walked in and was like “SEHUNNNN~” in the most ANNOYING HIGH PITCHED VOICE I HAVE EVER HEARD. I seriously wanted to kill her. Then Sehun turned around lookign really pissed and was like, “Why are you here? And how did you get here?” and she was like “I heard Jessie was in the hospital so I came to visit her.” and then Sehun scoffed and was like, “You? You want to visit her? You? The same girl that threatened to kill her if she laid a hand on ‘your’ ‘Sehun oppa’? Plus, at 3 am?? 3am???” He said the ‘Sehun oppa’ in one failed girly voice I swear then he was like, “Can you leave?” and then the bitch was like “aw come on dont be like that oppa.” Then Sehun was like, “Leave now or else I tell the nurses to escort you out.” Then the bitch like bitchy gasping and shit then was like, “Fine,” and stomped out of my room. Then said finally under his breath and turned back to face me and I was like “soooooo…. It’s 3am…” cause the atmosphere was tense and I had no idea what to do. Then he laughed and he was like, “yes and I have no idea how that thing got in here so early,” and then I laughed and was like, “Let’s just forget about her for a moment right?” and then he smiled and was like “yeah we should” and then I was like, “By the way how are you here and it’s 3am???” and he was like, “I got permission to.” and I was like “You did?” and then he was like, “Of course I did,” and I was like “Why did you though…..” and he was like, “I would be mad to leave my girlfriend alone in a hospital right?” and I didnt say anything and was like blushing and stuttering and he was like, “youre so cute” and ruffled my hair and I started blushing more. And he was laughing and I hit him and was like “shut up.” Then I just started to feel icky and I wanted to bathe. Idk if hospitals have showers ok the probably do so yeah it had one in my dream ok It’s a dream anything can happen. And then I was about to get up and he was like “now where are you going?” and I was like “I feel…… icky…….” and he just randomly got his bag out of no where and was like “I’ve got your clothes~” and im like “well then.” Then he just randomly picked me up bridal style and I was like “Oh Sehun put me down.” Then he smirked and was like “Nope” and I’m like “I can walk you know” and he’s like “You can but that’s no fun now is it?” And then started walking to the bathroom and stuff and I’m just shouting at him to put me down and hitting him and he’s like “I’m holding a bag of our clothes to you know so stop hitting me.” and I was like “our?” and he’s like “Well I can’t just stay overnight and be magically clean afterwards,” and I just rolled my eyes and slapped him one last time. Then we reached in the bathroom and then he started taking off my clothes and I’m just there like blushing my ass off and trying to stop him from stripping me. And I’m like, “I can do it myself you know…” and he just smirks and is like “But I want to and It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.” and I just started blushing more. Then he started stripping and I’m like “Wait why are you stripping” and he’s like “To go in the shower with you of course.” and I’m like, “I’m capable of washing my own body Sehun.” and he’s like, “And?” and I’m like “Put on back your clothes I’m going to bathe by myself.” And I just walked in the shower and when I put on the water he came up behind me and hugged my waist I’m like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” and he just ignored my question then chuckled and was like, “Hmm… wanna do something else?” and started kissing my neck and I’m like, “We’re technically in public,” And he’s like, “And? It’s quiet early in the morning so I doubt anyone would walk in” and his hands started roaming and I’m like “Sehun I don’t think we should do this here” and he smirked and turned be around then slammed me against the wall, and was like “You sure?” then hands went places and I ended up giving in and and then someone knocked on the bathroom door and was like “Sehun? are you in there?” And we both immediately knew it was the bitch. But you see Sehun beig the shit he is decided he still gonna work some magic with his hands and answer the bitch and be like “I’m sorta busy at the moment so can you leave?” and she’s like, “Aw I was gonna ask If I could join you~” and then he looked really pissed and raised his voice and was like “GET THE HELL OUT” and she winced and just ran out. Then he lift me up and just rammed into me without any warning. I buried my head in his neck and let out this scream. Then he calmed down and looked worried for a sec and I just kissed him and then I was like, “It’s ok” Then he smirked and then yeah you know what happened.

Yeah I woke up for a bit after cause my dad asked me some question I cant remember. Then I went back to sleep. WHICH CARRIES US TO DREAM 2.

Dream 2:
So I’m the mall and I’m in a wheel chair and I’m shopping for clothes and I left my mom and sister somewhere in the mall and carried on.Then I met this child he lost his dad and he was really friendly and cute and thing then his dad came and he looked sorta like Kyungsoo but not completely but yeah. Then I learned he was Kyungsoo’s brother so yeah. Yeah so apparently Soo’s bro had a child. Then it turned dark everywhere and everyone was screaming and then we had to run out of the mall cause apparently something was happening. Then I lost Soo’s bro and I was alone and I had no idea what to do. Then someone pushed me outside of the mall and it was Soo’s bro but he couldn’t find his son. And then I got up from my wheelchair and started limping back inside the mall with Soo’s brother to find his son. I found him lying on the floor crying and I picked him up and limped out. Then I dropped to the floor because my left leg started hurting a lot and I was crying and shit. Then the whole place wasnt dark anymore and then Kyungsoo showed up and was like “are you ok?” and I’m like “yeah I’m fine…” then I think I got up… I dont remember really


Yay I went to the zoo and guess what….I LOST ALL MY PICS congrats to me *claps for myself*I’m so different *facepalms*



aquarius- bad

pisces- bad

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- best


Rule 1: Never ever watch them on a variety show. Seriously, just don’t.




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